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Once again another month has brought change to the cloud service provider market. Acquisitions, AWS, Azure, IBM and Google’s continued growth and KubeCon EU gave some interesting perspectives on the industry as a whole. Read on for some industry insights as well as some resources to help with cloud billing and multi-cloud strategies.


No ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Cloud Strategy Works

News out in mid-February reported that after a seven-year migration to the cloud, Netflix had moved the rest of its video streaming to the AWS cloud. The poster child for AWS, some might think that Netflix has adopted a one-size-fits-all cloud strategy. But, let’s be completely clear, Netflix isn’t 100% running on AWS. Netflix is also using Google cloud storage for some archiving and continues to use a data center to run and manage its DVD business according to Fortune.

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Cisco Purchase of CliQr Bad News or Shows Value is up the Stack?

Cisco announced its intent to acquire CliQr, an application-defined cloud orchestration platform to model, deploy and manage applications across bare metal, virtualized and container environments. News spread across the cloud world as you would expect highlighting the further consolidation of the cloud market. One opinion caught our attention.

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The Aftermath of KubeCon EU

Innovation and the pace of that innovation were the two main discussion points at last week’s KubeCon EU. The official community conference of Kubernetes. KubeCon was a platform for some important announcements including Kubernetes involvement in CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) for its governance going forward. This transfers control of Kubernetes to a wider committee, while still ensuring it stays razor focused on its direction and mission. Read more.

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Multi-Cloud, The Freedom to Choose

It is critical for IT decision makers to develop an approach that allows them to maximize the benefits they can get from various clouds. This will ensure that their decisions around cloud map to their business goals, and provide their DevOps teams with the agility and velocity that they need to be most productive. Read more.

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Cloud Plus Telcos Can Equal Disaster

Telcos have a chance to succeed in the cloud, but it can also be a disaster. The good news is there is a hungry audience waiting to be engaged. However the bad news is that existing customers are ready to switch and are under threat from competitors. For telcos, there is an urgent need to implement effective action now. Read more.

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Cloud Billing ‘How To’

Cloud billing can be tricky, quirky result in many common pitfalls. We’ve put together a library of cloud billing resources to help service providers and telcos overcome common problems. Read more.

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