Cloud Orchestration

Telcos have a chance to succeed in the cloud, but it can also be a disaster. The good news is there is a hungry audience waiting to be engaged. However the bad news is that existing customers are ready to switch and are under threat from competitors. For telcos, there is an urgent need to implement effective action now.

Unfortunately though for many telcos, there are common reasons why they haven’t fully seized the opportunity. First, telcos focus on network ownership rather than the needs of the existing captive customer base. Next, the telco culture can be prohibitive. The culture is used to:

  • Large project mentality rather than lean service launch and a ‘land and expand’ approach
  • Multi-million dollar investments making ROI difficult in an emerging market
  • Bespoke builds with traditional suppliers rather than seeking out ‘born in the cloud’ solutions
  • Focusing on technology possibilities and not customer need and demand
  • A desire to deliver all bells and whistles often defined by tech analysts – many of these have no real commercial demand today
  • Application of existing business models rather than developing cloud specific commercial models
  • Allowing the cloud business to be constrained by existing operational and back-end systems
  • Poor marketing and go to market execution

The result? Huge amounts of money spend, multi-year projects, restrictive and non-agile technology solutions and disappointing results… even project failure.

The thing is telcos have the crown jewels a captive customer base, an understanding of complex technology, metering and billing, purchasing power and economies of scale and knowledge of how to scale. Constraints to success are therefore not resource related.

If this hits close to home, then it is time to download the eBook, which looks at The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Telcos in the Cloud. A quick read, you’ll learn what to look forward to and what to fear in the cloud with advice on how to overcome the bad and the ugly of telcos in the cloud to position yourself for true nirvana.



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