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Public Cloud Services Grow, Are Cloud Providers’ Opportunities Shrinking?

AWS and Azure are leaders in cloud, more companies are moving to the public cloud, telcos want more of an opportunity and multi-cloud is a reality. There is a lot happening in the public cloud services market – does this mean more opportunity for cloud service providers or are these opportunities shrinking? This month we offer our take on these issues.

You can also read how some companies are making the most of multi-cloud with Flexiant Concerto.

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Another Ones Bites the Dust: Verizon Shuts Public Cloud Services

Verizon is shutting down two public cloud services and telling users to move their workloads by April 12, 2016 according to @Kennwhite’s Tweet from February 11. Cloud consolidation is a huge issue for the cloud industry and it “ain’t over yet”. Read our take on getting to market and staying there.

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Advice for Public Cloud Resellers

Advice for Public Cloud Resellers

Looking to offer cloud to your clients without the large capital expenses associated with building and maintaining your own infrastructure? Alternatively, are you looking to resell your public cloud services? We’ve put together a library of resources that offer advice for cloud providers wanting to resell services. You’ll get tips on the ‘must haves’ needed to support a reseller channel, see questions you need to ask before partnering with a provider and learn how some companies are already doing it.

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Public Cloud Growth

Public Cloud Infrastructure Spending Grows

Latest figures from IDC show that revenue from public cloud infrastructure sales grew by almost 26 percent to $4.6 billion in the third quarter of 2015, beating private cloud infrastructure sales, which grew 18.8 percent. And where there is infrastructure, orchestration is needed. Read why.

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Why Chef’s 2015 Means Good Things for 2016

Our integration with Chef automation has always been a crucial element of Flexiant Concerto. Concerto templates, which can be deployed and autoscaled on any public cloud, are powered by Chef cookbooks. We have examined in previous blogs just how Concerto makes it simple to make the most out of Chef, e.g. Chef Made Easy, How to simplify the interconnection of Chef roles and Chef Simplified: Helpful Tips for Removing Complexity. Chef had a great year in 2015 – let’s a look at what they’ve achieved over those 12 months.

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Telefónica Resells Cloud with Flexiant

William Fellows at 451 Research released his market impact report on Telefónica’s selection of Huawei’s OpenStack for its public cloud.

The 451 Take on the news? “Telefónica expects customers will want to use multiple cloud services, sourced together with business services, from a single front end and delivered to any channel. With the addition of the public Open Telefónica Cloud, the company becomes a ‘full service’ supplier. Telefónica is a significant second key reference customer for Huawei, as it brings its public-cloud experience in its home market to Europe and Latin America.”

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Ultimate Cloud Guide: Virtual Resources

What is actually under the hood of your cloud? Here you’ll read some in-depth technology considerations to cover when you are evaluating your virtual resources.

Virtual resources are portions of the capacity of the physical resources that behave like physical resources, but are provisioned on demand rather than in advance of demand. Types of virtual resource include virtual machines, disks, and snapshots.

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How to Harness the Power of Kubernetes with Minimal Time and Effort

The Kubernetes project has been growing at an astonishing rate. In well under two years of existence it has already had 15,000+ commits from over 400 contributors. The inaugural KubeCon 2015 had around 500 attendees, nearly twice as many as the first MesosCon and on a par with the first DockerCon back in 2014. What is behind all this interest and activity?

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Launch an Apache Spark Cluster on Kubernetes in 3 Steps with Flexiant Concerto

We recently looked at how you can use Flexiant Concerto to get going with Kubernetes in three simple steps, bypassing the investment in time and effort that would otherwise be needed when doing this manually. In that post, we took the commonly used guestbook example as our use case.

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