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This week, we offer some of the best cloud insights we’ve learned from trusted sources. Read how to choose the best cloud for your app, learn about Verizon’s new cloud services path or how continued security concerns still plague the cloud.

How to choose the best cloud for your app

How should I match the applications in my portfolio with the most appropriate cloud? This question is becoming increasingly common in enterprise IT organizations today, and it can be difficult to answer. Often the decision depends on the sensitivity of the data within the application. At other times, public versus private cloud considerations are paramount. Other factors influencing the decision include business goals and whether or not speed or price must be optimized. Read the article at InfoWorld.

Verizon charts a different cloud services path

When running down the list of top cloud vendors, the name Verizon doesn’t come up immediately, but the firm is looking to expand its particular brand of cloud services that complement main players like Amazon and Microsoft. It’s also fending off rumors it’s getting out of the cloud business. Read more at CIO.

Google Cloud Platform scores Spotify. Is the plan coming together?

With news last week that high-profile music streaming service Spotify had decided to move its currently on-premises infrastructure to Google’s Cloud Platform public cloud offering, Google got a much-needed endorsement from a high-profile customer.

The announcement was regarded by many as Google’s “Netflix moment.” To explain, Netflix has historically been the case study upon which Amazon Web Services drove much of its growth. Like Spotify, Netflix formerly ran its own infrastructure but several years ago made the decision to shift, over time, to AWS. The notion of it being better to let a vendor at scale manage your infrastructure while you focused on core business played right into the hands of AWS specifically and, by extension, the other public cloud vendors. Read more at Computerworld.

Security Concerns Continue Amid Cloud Adoption

While most top IT executives at companies of all sizes continue to express concern about the security of data in the cloud, that hasn’t slowed their move to embrace this new infrastructure as a home for corporate data. A new survey and report reveal their top security nightmares and provides some recommendations about how to protect data in the cloud. Read more at InformationWeek.

EU taps Microsoft, Accenture, Comparex to boost public cloud services

The European Commission Directorate-General for Informatics (EC DIGIT) has inked a deal with Microsoft, Accenture and Comparex to provide their expertise in public cloud service schemes.

Announced on Wednesday, the EC said the companies will form a consortium — with Microsoft as a subcontractor — to “enable access to new cloud and digital capabilities for public services.” Read more at ZDNet.

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