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Looking to offer cloud to your clients without the large capital expenses associated with building and maintaining your own infrastructure? Alternatively, are you looking to resell your public cloud services? We’ve put together a library of resources that offer advice for cloud providers wanting to resell services. You’ll get tips on the ‘must haves’ needed to support a reseller channel, see questions you need to ask before partnering with a provider and learn how some companies are already doing it.


Three Questions Resellers Should Ask before Partnering with a Cloud Provider

96 percent of resellers now offer some form of IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) to their customers to a greater or lesser degree, according to global research. This includes managing customer assets on-premises, off-premises hosting or public cloud services. The potential is massive, however the barriers to entry for a small systems integrator or reseller are huge if they hope to offer the entire service themselves. Most suppliers will find it easier and more practical – at least initially – to use an established cloud provider and resell the service to their customers. This is great news for cloud service providers looking to increase revenue from new lines of business.

The 10 “Must Haves” Needed to Support a Cloud Reseller Channel

Want or investigating a cloud services reseller business? There are 10 ‘must haves’ for you to consider in order to support a cloud reseller channel. Download the whitepaper to also learn how one organization was able to use this model to sell to over 2,500 resellers.

Can Resellers Increase My Cloud Customers and Revenue?

The answer is a resounding yes. The market for cloud services is growing rapidly. But with rapid growth, comes competitive land grabbing. If you are not staking a claim in the market, as rapid as it is growing, your business might feel the pain. As the market for cloud services emerges and confidence in consumption grows, there are many types of market entrants trying to stake claim in revenue. Hosting companies want to move beyond VPS offerings and managed service providers want to launch true cloud services and benefit from higher levels of utilization and data center automation. Most telecom companies are also coming to the cloud market, not just dabbling or dipping their toe in the water, but instead launching at scale, often across multiple countries and continents.

ALVEA Services Uses Flexiant to Support 2,500 Global Resellers

Today we announced that ALVEA Services selected Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator for its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution, ALVEA Infrastructure. Flexiant will provide the cloud orchestration solution necessary to rapidly deploy ALVEA Infrastructure to its 2,500 resellers across 25 countries globally. ALVEA Services is a managed security and cloud-based computing solutions provider that has designed ALVEA Infrastructure for organizations that need to vary their computing capabilities at a moment’s notice to match the changing needs of their business. In the press release, Neil Gardner, Proposition Manager, ALVEA Services said: “Choosing the right cloud management software was business critical and of significant strategic importance for ALVEA Services. We invested substantial time, energy and effort in looking at the various players in the market.  No other company was able to demonstrate the proven heritage and capability that is essential for ALVEA Services. Furthermore, no other company had Flexiant’s extensive “out of the box” capability to build out our reseller offering, which is clearly central to our go-to-market strategy”.

Brinkster Unveils a White-Label Cloud Partner Program With Up to 65% Margins

We love to share when our customers have great news and last week Brinkster, announced their new model which we think is a great example of taking a product to market in a differentiated way. Here’s the news: Brinkster, a leading cloud IaaS provider, introduced a White-Label Cloud Partner Program that enables resellers to sell cloud services at Amazon or Rackspace prices and earn up to a 65% margin. The program leverages Brinkster’s innovative patent-pending proprietary hardware platform, resulting in an ultra-low cost structure that is passed along to resellers. “Brinkster’s proprietary hardware platform plus its high margin white-label cloud partner program are a disruptive addition to the market. A margin of up to 65% on market pricing for cloud services is an attractive option for resellers, particularly those who want to deliver the services under their own brands,” said Liam Eagle, Analyst 451 Research.

Latest US Customer Brinkster Selects Flexiant, Avoids Vendor Lock-In

Today we announced that Brinkster , a US provider of custom cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and White Label Cloud, selected Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator as its cloud management solution to power its public cloud offering. Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Brinkster serves 50,000 customers in 175 countries, providing custom cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and white label cloud. It provides custom designed enterprise infrastructure solutions based on an advanced patent pending custom hardware platform that is hosted and managed from their world class data centers. Brinkster’s industry leading solutions deliver cutting edge performance, higher utilization rates, and lower TCO (total cost of ownership). Their solutions include white label cloud, hosted desktop, virtualization infrastructure, storage, backup and DR (disaster recovery), DDOS/Network Attack Mitigation and cloud scrubbing, and hosted encrypted email. Brinkster evaluated Flexiant and as CEO Jared Stauffer said, “was impressed with our extensive functionality, full reseller capabilities, and the vendor’s global footprint.”

Grow Your Cloud Services Business Using Resellers

Gartner has forecasted the public cloud services market to grow 18.5% in 2013 to a total of $131 billion worldwide. This white paper offers five decisions to consider for a reseller strategy quickly to ensure that your business doesn’t lose out on your share of this exponentially compounding market.

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