William Fellows at 451 Research released his market impact report on Telefónica’s selection of Huawei’s OpenStack for its public cloud.

The 451 Take on the news? “Telefónica expects customers will want to use multiple cloud services, sourced together with business services, from a single front end and delivered to any channel. With the addition of the public Open Telefónica Cloud, the company becomes a ‘full service’ supplier. Telefónica is a significant second key reference customer for Huawei, as it brings its public-cloud experience in its home market to Europe and Latin America.”

What’s the Flexiant take? Mentioned within the report is that Telefónica is also reselling (through acens) the Concerto multi-cloud management tool, now owned and operated by Flexiant. “With all of these portfolio offerings in mind, Telefónica is evaluating options for the self-service front end to access these multiple cloud services.”

We are proud to be part of Telefónica’s strategy to differentiate from competitors and reach new markets without significant investment.

acens, a Telefónica company, turned to Flexiant Concerto to realize three main benefits with Flexiant Concerto – fast time to market, a multi-cloud strategy and the ability to offer a unique proposition in the market. Watch the video now of Daniel Ribaya, Director of Innovation and Marketing talk about why they selected Flexiant.

Flexiant Concerto

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