Cloud Can't Wait

Recently I came across another service provider that is just now thinking beyond IaaS and how to position for the cloud. In 2016, I’m surprised this is still the case especially given the size of the market. By 2017 the public cloud services market is predicted to exceed $244B. There is a huge cloud service opportunity out there and one that you need to position your business to take. Check out our infographic which offers key statistics and advice for taking advantage of this market opportunity. Cloud Can't Wait

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Cloud Can’t Wait: Tweetable Stats

  • 14% of companies downsized their IT after cloud adoption » Tweet This «
  • 49% of companies are using cloud to fuel revenue generation or new product creation » Tweet This «
  • Expansion of cloud/hosted apps is the No. 1 technology that’s changing client expectations » Tweet This «
  • $65,099: the amount that Cloudability customers spent on average in a single hour, up from $21,500 an hour in December 2012 » Tweet This «

Predicted Annual Growth

  • 2014: businesses in the United States alone will spend more than $13 billion on cloud computing and managed hosting services » Tweet This «
  • 2015: end-user spending on cloud services could be more than $180 billion » Tweet This «
  • 2016: cloud computing will become the bulk of new IT spend » Tweet This «
  • 2017: nearly half of large enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments » Tweet This «

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