Good Bad and Ugly of Cloud

Previously we blogged about why telcos in the cloud can be ugly. We showed that there are common reasons why they haven’t fully seized the opportunity. First, telcos focus on network ownership rather than the needs of the existing captive customer base. Next, the telco culture can be prohibitive.

Today we want to talk about the good side of telcos in the cloud. The UK and U.S. SMB cloud services market could be worth more than $22 billion to UK and U.S. service providers collectively. Even better, the market is untapped and willing to participate.

There is a massive opportunity for telcos in the cloud, a hungry audience waiting to be engaged, existing customers ready to switch (and under threat from competitors) and an urgent need to implement effective action immediately. All of that combines to offer a true nirvana – making money from the cloud, retaining customers and the ability to attract new customers.

But that’s pretty much where the good news ends. There are stats showing that telecom operators are not helping SMBs in the cloud, others that show companies are going to go to service providers that show them how to get access to a broader range of technology.

Telco operators have a journey to go on to grab the massive opportunity in the cloud. But the hardest part is overcoming the traditional way of working. Further, if they spend too long on this, the opportunity will be gone. Telcos need to get to the cloud today. That requires getting to market with a cloud, whatever cloud (and we don’t think it will always be a perfect solution). But however you do it you need to get to market quickly, so get the best offer launched today. That includes an extensible cloud management solution that can help you both now and in future.

If this hits close to home, then it is time to download our eBook, which looks at The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Telcos in the Cloud. A quick read, you’ll learn what to look forward to and what to fear in the cloud, with advice on how to overcome the bad and the ugly to position yourself for true cloud nirvana.