December Newsletter

As you take some time to enjoy your friends and family this holiday season, we wanted to first kick off our final 2015 newsletter to wish you a fruitful and happy holiday season from all of us at Flexiant.

I would like to thank all of our customers and business partners for working with us in 2015 and look forward to ongoing relations in 2016. We wish you, your colleagues and your family a happy holiday season and a good start to a successful 2016!

This month’s newsletter includes information on our latest solution – Kubernetes Orchestration as a Service – and also offers you some content to help you as you plan for 2016.


Flexiant Launches Kubernetes Orchestration as a Service

Kubernetes is a powerful tool to manage a cluster of Linux containers as a single system to accelerate Dev and simplify Ops. Flexiant launched Kubernetes Orchestration as a Service this month. Enabling DevOps to use Kubernetes on any cloud, in minutes, Flexiant Concerto’s latest feature lets you get creative without any pain.

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Why Kubernetes Orchestration as a Service is Important

Kubernetes is a powerful and increasingly popular system for managing the lifecycle of distributed microservices over clusters of containers, letting you harness the potential of technologies such as Docker at scale. Although once Kubernetes is up and running it allows you to operate microservices on your cluster easily and very effectively, launching Kubernetes in the first place can present some very real challenges.

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Are You a Passive Service Provider? 

Failure to seize and own the market opportunity through innovation and differentiation is characterizing the service provider move to the cloud. Are you a passive service provider? Find out.

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Cloud Service Providers: Adjust Your Customer Acquisition Strategy!

Do service providers and managed service providers need to evaluate their customer acquisition strategy? The market is changing and so too are your potential customers.

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Telcos in the Cloud [New eBook]

Our newest eBook which looks at The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Telcos in the Cloud. A quick read, you’ll learn what to look forward to and what to fear in the cloud with advice on how to overcome the bad and the ugly of telcos in the cloud to position yourself for true nirvana:

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What Every Telecom Operator Should Know about the Cloud
To be successful in the cloud, telecom operators must compete with established cloud service providers – both giants like AWS, Google and Microsoft and smaller regional vendors already in the market. And because telecom operators historically do not move as fast as service providers while they maintain their legacy business and customer-base, they are losing cloud customers hand over fist.

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Cloud Risks and Opportunities Every Telecom Operator Needs to Know

To take full advantage of the cloud opportunity, telecom operators are transforming their business and operating models. Key elements of this transformation will likely include embracing a higher level of automation and leveraging their network management capabilities.

Download our white paper, which looks at the current state of affairs, both risks and cloud demands, offers some advice on the cloud transformation, what’s needed to transform and how technology, available today, can help automate some of the cloud transformation.

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A Complete Checklist of Everything a Service Provider Should Consider to Get to the Cloud

If you are a service provider and need a guide in the cloud or even a quick check list to see where you are at on your journey, read on. Use this guide by checking the boxes you’ve already completed to get you from zero to cloud.

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So You Think Cloud Can Wait? Think Again! [Infographic]

There is a huge cloud service opportunity out there. Maybe you are wondering what it is for you or what chance you have of offering something different than the giants of the industry? Check out our infographic which offers key statistics and advice for taking advantage of this market opportunity.

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Extent of Global Growth in New Cloud Services [Infographic]

This infographic gives some rapid metrics around the adoption of Flexiant internationally.

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