Future of Cloud

Just yesterday, North Bridge released its fifth annual Future of Cloud Computing Survey which investigates trends in corporate cloud use on a yearly basis. The results this year highlight record levels of corporate adoption of cloud computing, for business users as well as IT, in areas such as web content management and application development in the cloud. IT teams are finally jumping on board, seeing a surprising level of cloud adoption this year, seizing back the reins on the technology strategy of their companies. From the bottom to the top, digital technologies delivered from the cloud are increasingly becoming differentiating factors for more businesses.

Jim Moran, General Partner at North Bridge said, “This year, we’re seeing the pervasiveness of cloud disrupt industries across the board as companies look to maximize and implement cloud as a strategic and integral technology. We’re also seeing the emergence of the cloud as the only way businesses can truly get more out of their data including analyzing and executing on it real-time. This will be a huge opportunity, but as the survey showed, because data rarely moves between clouds (Public/Private) companies must first learn how to interconnect disparate data sources into new applications.”

Some interesting stats related to telcos and service providers from the survey:

Vendor Market Flexing To New Expectations, Customer Structure, and Business Models

  • Vendor leadership/consolidation continues to take hold with 75 percent of companies using fewer than 10 vendors
  • While 61 percent of PaaS users only use one vendor, 71 percent of SaaS adopters use more than one vendor. 46 percent validate choosing multiple vendors due to the variation in capabilities
  • Seeking simple and clear relationships, over 50 percent opt for online purchasing or direct to provider purchasing of cloud services; online buying is expected to increase in the next two years up to 56 percent
  • 70 percent of customers interact directly with the cloud providers signaling huge changes to come for vendor business and go-to-market models

The last one is particularly important for telcos and cloud service providers. The industry is changing so too should your business. You need to consider the business, technology and marketing of your services so that you can offer what customers want.

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