Multi-Cloud Environments

We are very pleased to announce that after three years’ of intensive work, the MODAClouds project has reached its conclusion. For Flexiant, the MODAClouds project has been a great opportunity for us to explore the realm of multi-cloud environments.

MODAClouds has played a key part in understanding the opportunities of the multi-cloud market. This led to our acquisition of Besol Tapp in 2014 and the subsequent release of our cloud agnostic application deployment tool, Flexiant Concerto.

As the project concludes, the consortium has released the MODAClouds DevOps Toolbox for Multi-Clouds. The Toolbox includes solutions that help DevOps identify the right clouds for their applications based on business considerations.

Across the portfolio of experimental tools, users can define the architecture of their application, its Quality of Service (QoS) requirements and supports execution, monitoring, SLA management, and automatic and intelligent runtime reconfiguration of the application. These are available for testing via three public demonstrator tools at

Of course, for those companies interested in a commercially viable multi-cloud solution that is already available in the marketplace, Flexiant Concerto is available today. It enables DevOps to build, deploy, configure, run, publish, monitor, load balance and auto-scale applications straight to the cloud or multiple clouds of their choice.

We have a strong reputation for converting project research outcomes into innovative new features to our product portfolio for our growing customer base of service providers, telcos and DevOps. In this regard, MODAClouds participation has been a productive few years, not only in regards to the multi-cloud space, but also for Flexiant Trigger technology, successfully used in the project.

Craig Sheridan, Head of Research Projects, Flexiant said, “During the MODAClouds project, we used our lean startup approach towards feature integration into our Flexiant Concerto product. The other outcome of the research project are demonstrators that companies can review as they seek to develop new technologies.”

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