Cloud Orchestration

We recently introduced a new feature in Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator that allows you to easily migrate VMs from VMware over to Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. You can read the details here.

The main benefits this offers service providers is:

  • If you are a vCD customer today, and are concerned about VMware’s product roadmap, VMware Brownfield lets you easily move your business over to Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator.
  • If you are currently manually provisioning cloud services using vSphere for virtualization, you now can easily add our self-service portal on top.
  • If you really want to move over to Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, but are concerned with the potential pain associated with migrating your existing vSphere VMs, this feature gives you ways to relieve that pain.

We wanted to make it really clear just how straightforward this process is. You can watch a short video showing how this feature works in practice, with our 5-step Wizard guiding you through the automated process of importing a VM while retaining your customer’s data and network settings, such as IP and MAC addresses, as well the VM’s original configuration where applicable, all in a few clicks.

Check out our video below. If you’re interested in what you see, contact us to find out more.












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