Cloud OrchestrationWe know that halloween is looming and we do not want to scare anyone but Flexiant has been conducting an extensive investigation into the reality of Telco and major Service Provider clouds. Our expectations and fears were reinforced; there is an ugly side to the industry, significant threats and massive opportunity for those who take rapid and effective action. Backed up by independent analyst data you will not want to miss out on our findings and recommendations in the ebook that we released this month. Find out why customers are frustrated by their Telco relationships and how you can capitalize on the vacuum that is being created.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Telcos in the Cloud [New eBook]

Our newest eBook which looks at The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Telcos in the Cloud. A quick read, you’ll learn what to look forward to and what to fear in the cloud with advice on how to overcome the bad and the ugly of telcos in the cloud to position yourself for true nirvana:

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The 451 Take: Flexiant has Arrived

451 Research has released an Impact Report on Flexiant ‘Flexiant Points to the Cloud Pipeline Opportunity’ suggesting that Flexiant has arrived.

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Throwback Thursday: How to Build IaaS Your Customers Want

As the public cloud market continues to mature, and the number of service providers offering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) grows, customers are faced with more choice than ever before. As a result, service providers’ customers are increasingly savvy about what to look for when selecting an IaaS provider.

Find out how Flexiant stacks up by reading the top 10 vs. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator.

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Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator New Load Balancer Deep Dive

The latest release of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator comes complete with nifty Load Balancer features. There are two really useful functions I particularly like about this – the automatic geoDNS service and that the back-end servers need not be part of the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator ecosystem.

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Flexiant Concerto: How to set up a Ruby on Rails stack

Flexiant Concerto gives you an easy to use, GUI-based, drag and drop tool with which you can deploy a LAMR stack onto any cloud, in minutes.

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3 Tools Everyone in the Telco-Cloud Industry Should Be Using

If you are a telco in the cloud space or trying to get in it and make a big difference quick, here are three tools you need in your arsenal.

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It’s a Multi-Cloud World

A cloud management platform should provide an integrated tool suite that helps organizations automate management across public and private clouds. The platform should eliminate the need for vendor- or service-specific interfaces, providing a single pane of glass for hybrid or multi-cloud management whose employer sells a cloud administration and governance tool.

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Why Tierpoint Buying Windstream is Important for Telcos

News this week that cloud service provider TierPoint has entered into a definitive agreement with comms vendor Windstream to buy its data center business for a pure cash transaction of $575 million marks continued change for the telco industry.

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Flexiant Concerto: How to set up a LAMP Stack and Deploy Your Application on It

Flexiant Concerto is a GUI-based, drag and drop tool that makes it simple for you to put together, configure and deploy all the required elements of the LAMP stack onto any cloud, in minutes.

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