Flexiant ConcertoLast week Walmart announced that it will open-source the cloud technology it has built up following its acquisition of startup OneOps roughly two years ago. The reason? It hates vendor lock-in. A CIO article said:

“Vendor lock-in has plagued the corporate world since well before the arrival of the cloud, but now — with ever more of today’s technology operating in an online environment dominated by providers such as Amazon Web Services — it’s taken on new urgency.”

Jeremy King, CTO of Walmart said that developers and cloud users know the upside of operating in the cloud, but also the downside “being locked in to the cloud provider you start with.”

We also see this urgency to avoid cloud lock-in and the hardship many companies encounter when they plug away at open source technology instead of focusing on the innovation that will drive the company forward. Walmart boasts that its OneOps solution helps users manage critical application workloads throughout their lifecycle on any cloud-based infrastructure. It offers the ability to move applications, databases or entire cloud environments from one cloud provider to another so as to take advantage of better offers. King and Tim Kimmet VP of platform and systems for @WalmartLabs echoed that this technology is good news for companies that have considered switching cloud providers but found themselves locked into their provider’s proprietary APIs, architecture and tools.

Open the Cloud

Walmart will release the source code to GitHub by the end of the year to ‘eliminate the barriers that cloud hosting providers have erected.’ So we have some suggestions for cloud providers – service providers and telcos. It is time to open the cloud – but not at the expense of your customers.

Instead of opting to lock your customers into a cloud – AWS, Google, Azure, your own datacenter – give access to workload portability helping to advise customers on what is best for them. You need to position yourself for this workload portability because if Walmart is giving away keys to move applications cross-cloud, you most certainly should be ready acting both on the offensive and defense.

Freedom of Choice

We too agree that companies need cloud freedom because sometimes you need a different cloud – your DevOps needs are different than when you launched, you are growing rapidly, you need to cut costs, you need a managed service. That’s why we offer Flexiant Concerto. For those companies that do not have the time, resources or capabilities in house for open source technology, Flexiant Concerto gives the freedom of choice to use whatever cloud you want – public, private or a hybrid approach.

With Flexiant Concerto you gain:

  • Choice: Gain access to AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, Digital Ocean, Joyent, Rackspace, Linode, GoGrid, Arsys, acens via one dashboard.
  • Low Risk: Concerto enables the abstraction of workloads from the cloud so you can more easily replicated the workload elsewhere to the right cloud, helping to reduce any uncertainty or risk when developing.
  • Freedom: Innovate at speed based on what cloud you need, not what is prescribed.

Available to service providers and telcos, and the DevOps community, Flexiant Concerto gives the benefits Walmart discusses without the time lag in getting multi-cloud today.


Flexiant Concerto



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