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A central concern for any service provider or telco with cloud services is the ability to ensure resiliency and security for their infrastructure. At Flexiant, we pride ourselves on delivering cloud orchestration software that alleviates the headaches that may arise from tackling infrastructure security and resiliency challenges. If you are curious as to how we handle this, here are some frequently asked questions.

  1. What happens if Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator detects a hardware node failing? Will it automatically re-start my virtual machine?

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator automatically detects soft and hard failures of nodes and can restart the virtual machine automatically on a new node, if required. It begins the recovery process without any human interaction needed and usually within minutes of detecting the failure.

  1. How quickly can Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator recover from a hardware failure?

Should a physical Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator server fail, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator will automatically restart the virtual machine within minutes, moving it to one of the other physical servers within your platform.

  1. How secure is Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator?

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is extremely secure. Internally, we use multiple segregated networks with firewalls for data security; powerful encryption for the storage of data, and advanced password and user management to ensure customers can only gain access to the resources they are allowed to.

From a customer perspective, customers can secure their network using VLANS to secure their network traffic, encryption to secure their stored data, and Dynamic Workload Placement to ensure they are the only customer running on specific physical servers if required. In all areas, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator has security covered. For more information about Dynamic Workload Placement, check out our documentation on How Dynamic Workload Placement System Works.

  1. What happens to my data when a server terminates or stops?

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator’s storage model is persistent. The physical servers do not store any customer data on their local disks and everything comes from a centralized storage back-end (except where local storage is configured). When a server stops or even aborts, all the data is safely retained and will be fully available the next time your server boots up.

To learn more about Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator check out our software tour or business tour. You can also get in touch with us today.

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