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This month we welcome Caravan Aero to the Flexiant family. As the latest telecom operator wanting to differentiate, Caravan Aero plans to reduce its customers’ operating costs by at least 25% with Flexiant. You can learn more about telecom operators’ risks and opportunities as well by downloading the whitepaper.

Extending our solutions to meet your business needs is a hugely important factor to how we continuously innovate. This month we announced how Cloud Sigma and Flexiant are working together to provide auto-scaling in Flexiant Concerto as well as how Brocade and Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator now work together to offer Brocade Traffic Manager as part of the platform.

You can also learn more about new features including our Elastic NIC capability and 5 things you didn’t know about Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, designed to help you succeed in the competitive cloud marketplace.


Russian Service Provider Caravan Aero Selects Flexiant to Help Customers Reduce the Costs of Business by 25 %

Caravan Aero, the subsidiary of Caravan Telecom, the longest established datacenter provider in Moscow, has selected Flexiant to provide Virtual Data-Center (VDC) capabilities on-demand. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator delivers the flexibility to meet Caravan Aero’s requirements to deliver self-service VDC to its SMB customers as well as managed services for its large enterprise customers. Caravan Aero Cloud VDC will reduce operating costs for its customers by at least 25%.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator

At Flexiant, we aim to arm you with the tools to find new ways to make it easier for you to run and monetize your cloud business, as well as to improve your customer’s experience of your services. As a result, however familiar you already are with Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, you may not be aware of all it has to offer. Here are five things you may not already know that could be of interest.

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Why is Traffic Management Critical to the Bottom Line for Service Providers?

Flexiant has partnered with Brocade to provide a virtual Traffic Manager (vTM), a fully featured layer 7 Application Delivery Controller (ADC), which is now featured on Flexiant Marketplace. This can be deployed as a virtual appliance on Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator’s infrastructure, allowing the virtual servers that customers create in Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to be easily added to the ADC pool.

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Instantly deploy and scale your favorite applications on Cloudsigma with Flexiant Concerto

We are pleased to announce that Flexiant has added CloudSigma to its Concerto cloud management platform.

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VMworld: Is Project Skyscraper Another VMware Lock In Strategy?

As part of our expert advice series, we asked some industry commentators what technology and/or skills do DevOps need to future proof for the cloud. Here’s what they had to say.

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The Boxing Gloves Are Off: Take an Extended Range of IaaS to the Market

Competing in the match of the decade, the cloud boxing ring is one of fierce competition where only the strong will survive. Arming yourself to compete is not only advisable, but absolutely necessary in order to have a fighting chance at victory.

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The Telecom Transformation into Cloud

Transformation can be a challenge for many telecom operators. While once a historically slow process, now time is of the essence to deliver a valuable cloud offer. For a telecom operator to transition to the cloud is not just about getting there, but about doing it quickly and achieving operational, cost and energy efficiencies.

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Are 65% of Organizations Using Private Cloud: We Think Not.

By now almost all enterprises are using the cloud in some form; they either have a private cloud for a very specific reason, have a hybrid approach, or are entirely in the public cloud. Indeed, they may or may not know what clouds are in use across the entire organization.

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Flexiant Concerto: How to set up a LAMP Stack and Deploy Your Application on It

Flexiant Concerto is a GUI-based, drag and drop tool that makes it simple for you to put together, configure and deploy all the required elements of the LAMP stack onto any cloud, in minutes.

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