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A study of 500 US and UK small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) showed that while there is a strong demand for cloud computing services, the buying decisions are delayed by confusion over which services will best suit their needs.

Interesting findings include:

  • 43 percent of the study group said they want to buy cloud services.
  • Only 31 percent even had a cloud migration strategy in place.
  • 42 percent of SMBs receive ‘no help from their telecoms operators whatsoever’.
  • 58 percent said they’d take their business to any service provider that shows them how to get access to a broader range of technology.
  • 52 percent of SMBs said they will contemplate switching operators in the next two years due to the lack of interest shown by telcos in their existing customers.

My first thought is shame on you telecom operators. While I cannot defend a lack of interest shown by telecoms in their existing customers (after all, many of the telecom operators I speak with are focused on retaining the customer relationship), I realized that the problem isn’t in a lack of wanting to support SMEs, it is actually having the technology in place to support the SME.

Tom Platt, commercial director at BCSG said:

“Operators have a unique opportunity to provide support and guidance to SMBs. If they don’t there could be consequences. Long tenure from SMB customers does not imply loyalty.”

So what’s a telecom operator to do? Many of the people I speak with are struggling getting the core technology rolled out to support cloud for various reasons – inherently slow to change, legacy systems, involvement in OpenStack projects that are not panning out, or attempts to develop cloud solutions that are just not working. The result? This research shows a loss of customers in the SME space.

Can telecoms really afford to lose customers?

The answer is no, you cannot. In an industry where loyalty is dying (some might say it already has died), cloud will be the catalyst for change. Customers want bundled services and support in accessing new technologies. What telecom operators need is a solution for that today because tomorrow is too late.

Learn more about the cloud risks and opportunities every telecom operator needs to know or if you already know the risks and opportunities use our checklist to get you to a commercial cloud offering, quickly.

Telecom Operator



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