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Russian service provider, Caravan Aero, the subsidiary of Caravan Telecom, announced the launch of its new service virtual data center, or VDC. Caravan Aero customers can rent a set of virtual resources and create any complex IT-infrastructure based on them. Deployed in a matter of minutes, it will be similar to the physical servers. Caravan Aero will reduce its customers’ operating costs by at least 25%. 

How was this possible? Caravan Aero opted to work alongside Odin and Flexiant to meet its requirements to deliver self-service VDC to its SMB customers as well as managed services for its large enterprise customers.

Already an Odin Virtuozzo customer, Caravan Aero evaluated Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator extensively prior to selecting the cloud management technology.

Stanislav Drugalev, General Manager at Caravan Aero said:

“Flexiant gives us the ability to support a multi-pronged business approach delivering a ranged of self-service and managed services all through the same control panel.”

By selecting Flexiant with Odin, Caravan Aero has a complete solution to launch new cloud services, open new lines of revenue with existing customers and attract new ones. We give our service provider customers the technology needed to deliver the cloud in a way that extends beyond technology to support business growth.

The result of Caravan Aero’s selection of Flexiant and Odin is the ability to reduce the cost of business for its customers by 25%. That’s a powerful advantage the service provider can now use to differentiate itself in the Russian market. Not only that, but it can serve a range of customers easily from SMBs to enterprise customers all through on cloud management solution.

Helping service providers and telecom operators to offer a differentiated and innovate solutions is the bread and butter of the Flexiant business. With Flexiant as part of your toolbox, you can get to market quickly, open up new business lines and generate more revenue.

Read the full announcement here or learn more about Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator today.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V5

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