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We have been drip feeding new Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator v5.5 features over the past month. In our mission to continuously innovate so that telcos and service providers can arm themselves to compete, some of the latest features include private IP address space management, widget plugins and our JavaScript API.

Today we are excited to showcase you our new VMware Brownfield feature. If you have VMs running in your pre-existing vSphere environment and you want them to be moved under the control of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, now you can easily import them using an automated process. This simple automation saves you a ton of time and resource so you can focus on delivering more innovative cloud services. A simple, 5-Step Wizard within Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator’s admin control panel will guide you through the import, while preserving your customer’s data and network settings, such as IP and MAC addresses.

What can you do with this?

When importing a vSphere VM, service providers have the opportunity to configure CPU, RAM and disk to match the existing VMs to the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator product catalog. In addition, service providers can edit the network for the imported version of the VM and specify an IP address or to automatically assign a new one to its vNIC. At any point of the Wizard, should resource requirements be different from the options available within Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, service providers can resolve the mismatch upon import. This can be done easily and quickly through the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator admin control panel.

For service providers wanting to benefit from Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, they now can easily migrate existing workloads on their existing VMware estates (vSphere) to Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator management.

To see our full list of features, read our data sheet here.

How does this benefit cloud providers?

There are three main benefits of this feature for cloud providers:

  1. If you are a vCD customer and are concerned about the product roadmap, you can now easily move your business over to Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator.
  2. If you are manually provisioning cloud services and already use vSphere as your virtualization platform, you now can easily add a self-service portal on top and keep service your current customer base with new capabilities.
  3. If you really want Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, but are concerned with the pain associated with migrating your existing VMs and workload, Flexiant gives you ways to relieve that pain.

How does this benefit my customers?

What’s more, your customers will now benefits from all the features of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator once the VM will be imported into it. Flexiant delivers customers full cloud management features without a steep learning curve via its sleek UI delivering better exposed and more easily consumable functionality. You can see this on our Whistle Stop Tour. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator ensures you can do what’s needed on the backend, without having to change a server’s IP address in order to do so. This streamlines the cloud services you provide to your customers.

Want to see this feature in action? Get in touch and we will give you a short demonstration. If you like what you see, let us know so we can get you benefiting from Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator as soon as possible.

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