Cloud ManagementToday we announced that IIA selected Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator as its cloud management platform. Based in Santiago, Chile, IIA will use Flexiant to deliver cloud services to its 3,000 clients and the market quickly. Read the full press release here.

With Flexiant’s cloud orchestration solution, IIA now has a self-service solution for automated provisioning of cloud services, combined with automated metering, billing and payments, backup and storage.

Juan Carlos Olivera, Internet Division Manager, IIA said:

“We liked Flexiant because it isn’t a labor intensive solution. It is easy to support and maintain plus it is installed and running quickly. It gave us a complete solution to support the full customer journey and enables us to grow and expand with market demand.”

IIA is also making use of Flexiant’s two public network models which you can learn more at in our documentation. Just recently, we also launched private IP address management. With Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator’s network orchestration, service providers benefit from not having to touch their network equipment whenever their customers request a new network – whether public or private. While the IP address space management for public networks has been a key feature for long, now service providers can offer their customers the ability to choose, assign and manage their own subnets also for their private networks.

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Interested in learning how Flexiant can help arm you with the solution needed to compete on the cloud battleground? Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is the simple tool to build, launch and grow your cloud Infrastructure as a Service business. And it is easy to use. We’ve put together five bite size videos that demonstrate how Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator works in different use cases.

Check out the five videos now.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V5

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