July Newsletter

Ahh the lazy days of summer are here. It’s the perfect opportunity to kick back with one of these carefully selected pieces of content to catch up on the latest technologies to help you grow your cloud business while you relax in the sun (or rain for some of us!).
Flexiant and select partners have picked out the best assets and put together a choice selection just for you. Topics range from cloud management to serving the DevOps community, but all provide advice on paths to increase your cloud revenue and simplify the cloud and application deployment.


Video: Chef on DevOps and How to Adopt a DevOps Approach

We recently sat down with Justin Arbuckle, VP EMEA, Chef to ask him his thoughts on everything DevOps. In our first video, we asked Justin what is DevOps and what does it mean in practice?

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The Biggest Constraint to Devops in the Cloud has a Solution

Check out the deck to see the constraints holding back DevOps in the Cloud and most importantly, what steps they can take to solve it.

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Does Multi-Cloud Lead to Cloud Sprawl?

CIO published an article that said “the primary mission of the CIO is no longer to drive competitive advantage by balancing a cadence of enterprise-wide deployments with the ongoing maintenance of legacy infrastructure.” Instead it suggested that “the best CIOs will embrace public cloud technology, free themselves from infrastructure maintenance, and instead focus on ways to increase employee and customer engagement that drive business results.”

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65% of IT Decision Makers to Partially Outsource Management of Public Cloud Workloads

A recent survey found that for managing public cloud workloads, 65% of companies plan to partially outsource management to a third-party, and 70% want a single vendor to manage all IT infrastructure. The survey of 100 IT decision makers and influencers in large and midsize US companies showed the strong connection between the use of public cloud infrastructure and managed cloud services.

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Flexiant and IBM SoftLayer is Put to the Test (without an Army of Consultants)

Here at Flexiant we are happy to accept challenges. Recently we were challenged to perform a live install and configuration of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator in an IBM SoftLayer datacenter. As you will read and see in the short video, this task was accomplished in around 40 minutes. Why is this important?

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Are Cloud Management Tools Really Lagging?

Analyst firm Gartner is pointing the finger at cloud management tools suggesting that “the tools available for businesses to manage their use of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing services are not as mature as the public cloud services themselves,” according to a Network World article.

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