Flexiant Concerto

Yesterday we held a webinar with 451 Research and IBM about Big Data and the Rise of Spark.

The emergence of large scale Big Data projects continue to grow. This has fueled the need to process Big Data faster and is accelerating the adoption of new approaches and technologies. One such technology exploding in 2015 is Apache Spark.

As part of the webinar, we demonstrated how we have adapted Concerto, our multi cloud hosted platform, to make it easy to use Spark across any cloud. The demo covered 2 things in particular: 1) how you can elastically scale a Spark cluster and 2) how you can easily deploy the prediction.io framework on top of Spark. We sped up some parts of the action to make sure you aren’t watching for hours!

All of this was done on VMs running in Softlayers cloud but with Concerto you could use any cloud. We have just launched the Spark as a Service capability in beta and you can find it in the beta settings of Concerto today.

Take a look and try it out at start.concerto.io

Flexiant Concerto

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