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Each month we strive to bring you the latest developments in cloud computing. And that’s why tomorrow we have invited 451 Research and IBM to discuss why you should care about big data and the rise of Spark. Stay up to date with the latest developments in the industry by registering now.

Also this month, we made Backup as a Service available via Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator’s integration with Acronis.  According to IDC, 70% of organizations have insufficient Data Recovery protection of their critical data. Service providers are well placed to provide the data recovery protection if they can offer BaaS. We also released three new features for Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator – private IP address space management, widget plugins and Javascript API. If you haven’t already, check out our blogs on the latest FCO updates here.

Finally, if you are a telecom operator and need some advice on succeeding in the cloud, you can download our paper on what every telecom should know to compete.

Bonus infographic! Wondering if you are billing properly for your cloud services? Check out our infographic on cloud billing pitfalls to see where you fall.


451 Research, IBM and Flexiant Discuss the Rise of Spark [Webinar]

We have put together a compelling and interactive webinar to discuss Big Data and the rise of Spark on July 30, 2015 at 14.00 EST (11:00 PST). During the webinar, listen to a discussion between 451 Research, IBM and Flexiant to find out what these trends mean for you.

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Flexiant Integrates Acronis Backup Cloud into the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator Platform

Acronis Backup Cloud is now integrated with the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator platform allowing cloud service providers and telecom operators to quickly and easily offer best-in-class Backup as a Service (BaaS) to their Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) customers.

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What Every Telecom Operator Should Know about the Cloud

Declining revenues, economic challenges, technology transformation and price competition are all contributors to the rapidly changing telecom industry alongside the evolving requirements of customers. As telecom operators look to transform to overcome these challenges, the cloud has become ever more important.

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5 Cloud Billing Pitfalls All Service Providers Should Avoid [Infographic]

Here is our latest infographic featuring five cloud billing pitfalls we believe every service provider and telecom operator should avoid based on our experience.

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Cloud Risks and Opportunities Every Telecom Operator Needs to Know

This paper looks at the current state of affairs, both risks and cloud demands, offers some advice on the cloud transformation, what’s needed to transform and how technology, available today, can help automate some of the cloud transformation.

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Top Blogs…


Enhanced APIs, Widgets and IP Address Management for Cloud Orchestration

At Flexiant, we are constantly adding new features to Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, the number one solution for service providers and telecom operators to arm themselves with a platform to turn innovative ideas into revenue generating services quickly and easily.

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flexiantconcerto_1 A 7 Step Guide to Getting Started with Flexiant Concerto
Getting started with Flexiant Concerto is easy. If you’ve already signed up, or if you are still investigating how Flexiant Concerto can help you, read our seven-step guide on getting started.Read more.

Why Care About Big Data and the Rise of Spark? [Webinar]

To discuss Big Data and the rise of Spark, we are hosting an interactive webinar on July 30, 2015 at 14.00 EST (11:00 PST).

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A Telecom Operator’s Checklist to the Cloud

The thing is that to be successful in the cloud, telecom operations must compete with established cloud service providers – both giants like AWS, Google and Microsoft and smaller regional vendors already in the market.

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