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We have recently blogged about three new features in Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. If you missed our blog on private IP address space management and widget plugins check them out now. Today, we’ll be showcasing our JavaScript API.

The Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator JavaScript and CSS API offers service providers the chance to add their own custom code to extend and modify the look and behavior of the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator User Interface beyond the customization capabilities offered as default. This feature allows for the custom code to be executed in compatibility with Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator UI and its themes. This code can come from third party applications or can be written by the service provider themselves, taking advantage of the available JavaScript Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator specific functions. You can view the documentation associated with this in our Flexiant documentation here.

What can you do with this?

With this feature, you can import and enable third party applications that simply require the copy/paste of some JavaScript code made available by the application vendor, for example:

  • SnapEngage Live Chat
  • Google Analytics
  • Zendesk Web Widget (ticket submission, knowledge base and live chat)
  • Hubspot

You can also modify the look and behavior of the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator UI, for example:

  • Display popup alerts at login to welcome the customer and display the message of the day (MOTD)
  • Build a Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator control panel tour when a user logs in for the first time
  • Build extra confirmation dialogues with custom content (for example, pointing customers to tutorial videos or documentation when they’re trying to do something potentially disruptive)

How does this benefit cloud providers? There are a number of benefits to the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator JavaScript and CSS API depending on what third party application you’ve enabled. Benefits could include the ability to offer business intelligence by integrating with analytics applications like Google Analytics, and increased customer retention by providing a better level of customer service, with apps from Zendesk and SnapEngage Live Chat for example.

Benefits to the cloud providers’ business is reduced customer attrition by ensuring that no customer leaves because they cannot figure out how to do something. Customers will be more engaged as they revisit the control panel more frequently and you’ll have increased ways to gain customer feedback.

With the new feature there is the chance to up-sell by making your services easier for customers to self-serve. You can also differentiate against the competition by tailoring the experience with custom functionalities to facilitate consumption.

Benefits to the end-user include increased productivity, finding it easier to consume services, having a better support experience.

Want to see this feature in action? Get in touch and we will give you a short demonstration. If you like what you see, let us know so we can get you benefiting from Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator as soon as possible.




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