Cloud Services

Innovation is at the heart of every cloud service provider’s business – how to innovate to get more customers, how to provide a service like no other, how to differentiate. That’s exactly why at Flexiant, we are constantly adding new features to Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, the number one solution for service providers to arm themselves with a platform to turn innovative ideas into revenue generating services quickly and easily.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator helps service providers develop their own unique services to differentiate and lead through innovation to generate more revenue and accelerate growth.

Over the next few days, we’ll give you details of three new features available in Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. These include:

  1. Private IP address space management – The private IP address space management adds the ability for end customers to self-serve management tools that help them to distribute and assign IP addresses even for their private networks.
  2. Widget plugins – Widget Plugins enable service providers to create configurable custom widgets that can be placed anywhere in the control panel and that can display any kind of custom information, like a video, a blog or any arbitrary HTML code. Widget plugins are yet another step towards the openness of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator as they can be written using the Flexiant Development Language (FDL).
  3. JavaScript API – Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator JavaScript and CSS API enables service providers to add their own custom code in the form of JavaScript and CSS to extend and modify the look and behavior of the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator User Interface, or to import and make use of third party browser apps to boost user experience and engagement.

Watch this blog for more in-depth information on the new features in Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. Want to see Flexiant in action? Get in touch and we will give you a short demonstration. If you like what you see, let us know so we can get you benefiting from Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator as soon as possible.






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