Next week our partner Odin hosts its annual Summit in Seattle. The Flexiant team are packing their bags to attend and cannot wait for some of the goods stuff planned.

Our friend Joe Weinman, Author of Cloudonomics: The Business Value of Cloud Computing keynotes a session on Tuesday morning on ‘From Cloudonomics to Digital Disciplines’ to review the main insights and conclusions from his recent book Cloudonomics and his forthcoming book Digital Disciplines.

There are many stakeholders in the industry with various positions regarding when to use the public cloud vs. the private cloud, the viability of hybrid solutions, the likely evolution of the cloud ecosystem, the potential for commoditization, and the main benefit drivers of the cloud. Weinman uses a mix of quantitative analysis and commonsense analogies to bust existing myths and provide counter-intuitive insights for cloud customers and providers. He’ll review his analyses not only of cloud cost and performance optimization, but also of the strategic value of IT, the cloud, and related technologies such as big data and analytics, social media and networks, wireless and wireline networks, and the emerging Internet of Things. He’ll provide a strategic framework that is useful for enterprises and the service providers that sell to them on how best to leverage technology to achieve strategic competitive advantage, exploring some surprising technology leaders in entertainment, luxury goods, athletic apparel, consumer packaged goods, utilities, and durables manufacturing.

Of course, Odin CEO Birger Steen will keynote his session on ‘Surfing the Tsunami: Winning in a Hyperscale Cloud World.’ We are looking forward to this session as the Odin and Flexiant mission both seeks to help cloud service providers and hosters compete in the cloud battleground and win.

The integration of Odin and Flexiant gives hosting companies, service providers and telcos the unique ability to rapidly design and launch highly differentiated commercial IaaS and other related cloud services in days or weeks rather than months and years. IaaS is enabled by Flexiant’s cloud orchestration software with shop fronts, customer management, automated billing and other capabilities delivered by Odin Server Automation.

We are looking forward to this week and some news about our continued relationship with Odin.

Planning to attend the Odin Summit and want more information on using Flexiant to deliver your cloud orchestration across multiple hypervisors and data centers, while delivering a true Pay-As-You-Go billing? Get in touch now.


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