The Ultimate Guide to Cloud
Getting to the cloud can raise many technology considerations around what you already have in place, what your technical strategy is going to be and how your technical team will ensure service levels.

We put together the ultimate guide to cloud – Zero to Cloud – a one-stop guide to helping you whatever stage you might be at on your journey to or in the cloud. Here is the first section for this checklist on technology considerations. It offers a high level overview of things to consider.

  • Understand what technology you need and what you may already have in place. You may or may not have gaps in your technology portfolio to actually offer cloud. Do not try to dress up your infrastructure as cloud. Define your technical constraints before you look into technology.
  • Adopt best practices to ensure service levels. The technical team will need to ensure the cloud platform is in the right shape and form to start supporting customers. This includes building resiliency, back-up strategies, and the scalability to offer enough capacity for customers.
  • Assess your technical strategy. Technical strategy is how technically you will be able to translate all those business requirements in your business plan. Will your software, hardware and infrastructure constrain getting to the cloud? Consider:
    • Infrastructure plans – are you going to repurpose or rip and replace to start again?
    • Will you use commodity product vs. premium product (e.g. KVM vs. VMware)?
    • Will you offer VPS vs. IaaS?
    • Are you offering a managed vs. self-service cloud?
    • Will you offer highly available services vs. customer design for failure?
    • What are your geographic targets?
    • How will you handle existing customer migration?

For more considerations on business aspects, hardware and virtualization, cloud management software, cloud deployment or customer acquisition, download our Zero to Cloud checklist now.

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