Okay so my title might be a bit misleading, I’m not actually at ChefConf this week, but we at Flexiant are so excited to see what it has in store. In fact, as I write this, I’m watching the ChefConf Live Stream… loving the egg delivery for continuous delivery!!

So for all of you there and of course Chef itself, from your friends in London, we love Chef. We are excited about our integration between Flexiant Concerto and Chef and how we will see users benefit from the combined tools.

We spent some time with Justin Arbuckle recently to talk about all things Chef and DevOps. One topic that came up was cloud portability. Justin’s view is that you want safe, compliant and secure use of any infrastructure where there is a pure economy of scale. And that this should be easy to deploy and run. Watch what else he has to say.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator











Also, you can check out how Chef can be used easily across multiple clouds. Our integration with Chef enables DevOps to consume Chef as a service via Flexiant Concerto’s hosted solution.

Now we know you are all at ChefConf, or maybe watching live like us, but we also know the need to consume Chef as a service is a real need and benefit. We want to offer all the ChefConf attendees our promo code – FLEXDEVOPS – so that when you do get a chance to see how Concerto makes Chef easy, you do it on us!

Enjoy ChefConf!!

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