We are immensely proud of our participation in leading research projects. Through our continuing contribution to the development of cloud technology, we are able to help organizations realize the full potential of the cloud. By partnering with other leading organizations, we ensure our customers benefit from the latest cutting edge technology.

We are excited to announce today our involvement in the Horizon 2020 research project; DICE.

To create a methodology that can define data and data-intensive technologies in cloud         applications, DICE will build on the principles of model-driven development (MDD) as well as established standards such as UML, MARTE and TOSCA. The consortium will apply the   methodology to develop a quality engineering toolchain offering simulation, verification, and numerical optimization to drive early design stages of application development and guide software quality evolution.

Flexiant will provide a cloud test-bed for use in developing the DICE methodology for defining data and data-intensive technologies. This will include the development of tools to inject faults and intentionally cause a variety of reliability and efficiency problems to the application according to controlled patterns. Performance incident analysis will be underpinned by these tools, and so end users that select Flexiant as target platform for their application developed with DICE will have unique mechanisms for testing their application in pre-production.

Small and medium sized Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) often lack the resources and expertise to meet the high-quality standards required for business critical cloud applications. This means that developing Big Data cloud applications is often the preserve of larger companies with greater levels of resources. DICE will make a real difference to ISVs by providing the development methodology for applications to reach expected standards, removing a significant barrier to entry.

Leveling the playing field in this way will accelerate the development of business-critical data-intensive applications, and enable ISVs to compete at a global level, offering strong opportunities for growth.

With funding from the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 framework, we are joined in the DICE project by prominent research organizations from across Europe. The consortium is led by Imperial College London (UK), and includes Politecnico di Milano (Italy), IeAT (Romania), Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain), XLAB (Slovenia), ATC (Greece), PRODEVELOP (Spain), and Netfective Technology (France), in addition to Flexiant.

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