Flexiant FCO V5

Today we are proud to welcome AB Network to the Flexiant family. Based in Panama, AB Network operates a dedicated data center to offer its customers infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS), back up site monitoring, web applications and services administration.

AB Network was wasting time and revenue generating opportunities manually provisioning its infrastructure. It needed to automate its infrastructure and that required cloud orchestration software.

Pablo Olivo at AB Network said in today’s press release, “…we evaluated Flexiant and OpenStack. In a side by side comparison of OpenStack and Flexiant, we were impressed with the ease of understanding the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator deployment within our datacenter and also how it offered us a more complete product to go to market. We also needed only three servers with minimum specs to get up and running versus the five needed for OpenStack.”

We are helping AB Network reduce the time to provision infrastructure and application resources for its customers and decrease costs. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator helps service providers keep their customers happy by being able to respond to requests faster with a full range of functionality and services. We are helping AB Network and our other customers decrease the cost of manual infrastructure provisioning and offer the cloud services businesses expect of the cloud industry, both extremely important in this extremely competitive market.

Read the press release here or learn more about the recently launched version of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator.


Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V5

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