The Ultimate Guide to Cloud

Service providers are busy. There is getting to the cloud, building out the technology stack, knowing what technology is actually required, then there is marketing and acquiring new customers for the cloud. It’s a lot.

So we decided to offer our help. We put together the ultimate guide to cloud – Zero to Cloud – a one stop guide to helping you whatever stage you might be at on your journey to or in the cloud. Covered within you’ll have a checklist on:

  • Business considerations: goals, constraints and your market
  • Technology considerations: understand, adopt and assess
  • Hardware and virtualization
  • Cloud management software
  • Cloud deployment
  • Customer acquisition

Getting to the cloud can raise many questions. This checklist should help to identify some considerations you hadn’t thought of previously or reinforce what you already know.

The good news is that whether you have started your journey and learnt lessons already, or you are about to embark on it and want to prepare yourself as much as possible, then this can help. Maybe you do not have all the answers today or maybe some of the items have made you feel uneasy. That’s okay. As long as you get to the cloud, you can adapt to the market, your customers and new technologies.

If you are a service provider and need a guide to the cloud or even a quick check post to see where you are at in your journey, download the paper now.


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