Flexiant FCO V5

Yesterday we announced Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V5, the mature, reliable and feature-rich cloud orchestration software. Focused 100% on cloud service providers, our cloud management solution gives you the software you need to maximize the revenue you can make from your cloud offerings.

We’ve put together a number of videos to show you the amazing new user experience. Using the latest design concepts, Flexiant has reduced complex, common work processes into a few streamlined, wizard-driven clicks. The result gives your customers a differentiated and optimized experience, while helping to increase your cloud services’ profitability and growth.

Today we want to highlight our whistle stop tour of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V5. In Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator 101 we show you the basics of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, what it looks like, the dashboard and a few key features of our user-friendly customer and admin control panels.


Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator











Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is a highly effective tool for putting control into your customers’ hands, with simple admin controls in the background. It empowers your customers to self-serve and makes it easy for you to build, launch and grow your cloud Infrastructure as a Service business.

If you like what you see, come talk to us or watch our other three videos on the fantastic new user experience offered by our orchestration software.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V5

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