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As an innovator in the cloud market, Flexiant places great value on research. Being actively involved in the development and improvement of cloud services ensures that the full benefits of cloud technology can be realized.

To maximize the impact of our research, and to benefit from other organizations experience, a significant amount of Flexiant’s research is carried out in partnership with leading European organizations as part of the HORIZON 2020 Research Program.

This is true for our latest exciting project, BEACON, which Flexiant is jointly undertaking with CETIC in Belgium, Complutense University of Madrid, Spain, OpenNebula Systems in Spain, IBM Haifa, Universita di Messina, Italy and Lufthansa Systems in Germany.

BEACON is a collaborative research project funded by the EU which sets out to develop new innovative techniques for cloud networking. This will include creating an integrated management cloud layer that will enable more efficient and secure deployment of cloud applications. Flexiant’s involvement will enable us to develop our industry leading cloud software in line with cutting edge research in future cloud technologies.

From big companies and large cloud providers interested in unifying and consolidating multiple data centers or cloud sites, to SMEs building hybrid cloud configurations, BEACON will enable the cloud networking needed to support the automated and secure deployment of applications across different clouds and data centers.

The project will achieve this by delivering a homogeneous virtualization layer, on top of heterogeneous underlying physical networks, computing and storage infrastructures, providing ease of application deployment across different clouds and datacenters as well as enhanced security. This will allow cloud providers to collaborate and create a large shared pool of resources at multiple network locations.

Drawing on our expertise in the industry, Flexiant will act as a real use case study for the project and will represent the requirements and desires of a commercial cloud service provider. This will help to place users at the heart of the project, and ensure that the innovations produced are beneficial and relevant to the wider market.

Flexiant will also provide the project with one of the three test-beds that will be used to validate results. Flexiant is unique amongst the BEACON partners in being able to offer the opportunity to test results with our successful, commercial cloud orchestration software, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator and multi-cloud software, Flexiant Concerto. This is crucial, as it allows the demonstration of interoperability between heterogeneous physical infrastructures.

Flexiant also brings significant research experience gained from other industry leading research projects and will be taking a lead on deliving against BEACON’s goals.

Participation in BEACON offers many benefits for Flexiant. Acting as a real use case study means the improvements will be directly applicable to Flexiant. The results of the project will be integrated into Flexiant’s cloud services, resulting in more efficient and secure deployments through the Flexiant platform.

Further, innovations achieved through BEACON will allow Flexiant to automate and configure application level security, firewall templates, and low overhead smart vulnerability scanning. It will also provide Chef cookbook templates enabling automatically configuration of environments. Finally, the ability to store and utilize historical data externally will be developed.

To find out more about Flexiant’s research programmes, visit www.flexiant.com/research.

For further information on the BEACON project, visit the BEACON website at www.beacon-project.eu.


Beacon Project



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