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Chef are industry leaders in IT automation, offering significant benefits such reducing the time and effort, as well as risk of manual error, involved in building, configuring and managing application stacks. For the DevOps community, this is great.

Chef’s a fantastic tool that most people want to dig into straight away. First, though, you have to set it up and configure the Chef servers and clients including all the various dependencies involved. Then you have to manage, pull and execute Chef cookbooks. This is in many cases a repetitive task. The good news is you can manage Chef more easily by having Flexiant Concerto carry out these tasks for you. Here is how.

First, you need to try Flexiant Concerto. It’s the fastest way for DevOps to deploy and automate applications consistently across multiple clouds. Much of this automation comes from its deep integration with Chef.

Our integration enables DevOps users to consume Chef as a service. Flexiant Concerto’s hosted Chef solution automates the Chef configuration, i.e. set up and configuration of Chef servers and clients with the various dependencies involved, and the management, pull and execution of cookbooks. Concerto lets you do all this in just a few minutes, with a few clicks. And we do this consistently across multiple clouds, giving DevOps the freedom to choose what cloud they run any given workload on, in any geography.

Consuming Chef via Flexiant Concerto gives you access to over 150 pre-prepared Cookbooks, including databases, queuing, e-commerce, CMS and security applications. Users can now also upload their own cookbooks into Flexiant Concerto, giving them full flexibility to easily manage their own applications throughout their lifecycle, and to effortlessly deploy them on whichever cloud provider, and in whatever location they choose.

Another benefit – you can try Flexiant Concerto for free. Get the benefits of consuming Chef easily. Take a tour of Concerto to see how easy it is.


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