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Need some help with your cloud strategy? You’ve come to the right place. Our blog combines insights from experts across the cloud industry with a focus on service providers to help you grow your business. If you missed some of our blogs this year, check out our top 10 cloud blog posts of 2014.

  1. Hypervisor Comparison | KVM, Xen, VMware, Hyper-V

There are many considerations when such as the performance, how mature the technology is, how it integrates with existing systems, the commercial implications and guest and functionality support. In our latest selecting a hypervisor white paper, we put together a guide that sets out to help you select the most appropriate hypervisor.

  1. Structure 2014: Enterprise Cloud, IoT and OpenStack

This year’s GigaOm Structure 2014 event focused on three main themes. The first, the relationship between the enterprise and the cloud; the second the effect the Internet of Things will have on infrastructure; and the third OpenStack. The conference took place in San Francisco and managed once again to gather industry leaders and visionaries in the computing infrastructure space.

  1. So You Think Cloud Can Wait? Think Again!

If you think cloud can wait, you need to think again! By 2017 the public cloud services market is predicted to exceed $244B, so what does this have to do with you? There is a huge cloud service opportunity out there.

  1. A Debate about DevOps

Here in Flexiant Central we are having a debate about how far the DevOps approach and culture is permeating the larger development houses and even the in-house development activities of major enterprises. This is important to Flexiant and our customers since many of our service providers are currently delivering cloud services to the DevOps community, are planning to, or frankly should be planning to!

  1. The Rise of the Next Generation Software Developers

Last week I blogged about legacy vs. next generation apps and why service providers need to consider both of these strategies for growth. Today I’m looking at the rise of the next generation software developers.

  1. Computing Everywhere and IoT: What’s the opportunity for Service Providers?

Last week we highlighted five trends from Gartner that we think service providers need to consider for their 2015 business plan. Today, we delve into two of them – computing everywhere and the Internet of Things (IoT) – offering some positioning and advice for service providers.

  1. Avoid being Stepped on by VMWare’s vCloud Hybrid Service

451 Research published the report ‘ VMware’s vCloud Hybrid Service exhibits rapid expansion and ambitious roadmap’ earlier this month. This confirms one of our points from our advice on 7 Reasons Why Service Providers Shouldn’t Bet on vCloud Director.

  1. How Do You Select a Hypervisor?

We often get asked “Which hypervisor should I use?”. Because Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is a hypervisor neutral cloud orchestration platform, we can help our customer’s by answering based on what is a good fit for their business. We are not tied to a particular hypervisor; the licensee can choose, subject to the software edition they have purchased, between any of our supported hypervisors.

  1. Flexiant Notes from Chef Community Summit London

This week I’m attending theChef Community Summit – London, an open space event where the participants proposed and voted for the topics they wanted to talk about. An absolutely modern format that recalls the open-source principles of a heathy community-driven project like Chef.

  1. Flexiant Notes from Chef Community Summit London

I read an article by Sharon Wagner ” Cloud Wars In 2014: Amazon Versus Google And Other Follies ” which included the below: Looking back at Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine and Microsoft Azure outages in 2013, we have seen glitches here and there, but overall, the quality in terms of availability and response time remains pretty high.


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