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Service providers have to compete with cloud giants like Amazon, Google and Microsoft to provide high availability, scalable and customizable infrastructures and all the while offering competitive costs. These challenges are not only slowing the delivery of excellent service, but they are also the main reasons for service providers to miss out on the opportunity to generate new revenue streams through the cloud. Now though, service providers no longer need to compete with cloud giants. Instead, they can embrace the public clouds while still maximizing opportunities through multi-cloud solutions.

Multi-cloud lifecycle management can be a complex business. Unless service providers have the right tools in place to ensure consistency and compatibility across multiple applications, cloud provider APIs, security profiles or storage environments for example.

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities

With multi-cloud solutions, now service providers can look to new opportunities and we believe it lies in hosting next generation applications. Our latest solution, Flexiant Concerto, helps service providers and DevOps serve this market.

Flexiant Concerto opens new multi-cloud revenue opportunities for managed service providers and Telcos by offering a hosted platform that enables multi-cloud application lifecycle management (ALM) ideal for service providers wanting to help developers build next generation applications across multiple clouds.

Flexiant Concerto removes the pain of managing multiple clouds whether it is a service provider’s own infrastructure or that of a trusted cloud service provider including Amazon Web Services, Cloudstack, Digital Ocean, IBM, Joyent, OpenStack, Rackspace or VMware by automating the various processes involved. Its automated application stack enables consistency and portability across your clouds of choice.

Features include the ability to manage applications across multiple clouds,, application aware auto scaling, integrated DNS management, geo-localization and white labelled services. Flexiant Concerto also integrates with best of breed software as a service (SaaS) partners including @newrelic application performance monitoring, @boundary network monitoring, @SumoLogic log analysis and @mixpanel business intelligence.

Whether you are targeting DevOps, developers or IT professionals, Flexiant Concerto’s intuitive interface, extensive functionality and support for virtually any public or private cloud technology will save you significant time, effort and risk, while opening up new revenue streams. Flexiant Concerto allows DevOps to provision and run applications transparently across multiple clouds. Using Concerto’s powerful Chef-based orchestration, you can use one of hundreds of available recipes, or your own custom recipes, to automatically build and easily configure the application stack. This can then be easily moved between Amazon, Rackspace, Digital Ocean and a host of other cloud providers through Flexiant Concerto.

How much does it cost? The great news is that Flexiant Concerto is currently free of charge, for unlimited use, until January 2015 when we will then release the pricing structures.

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Flexiant Concerto

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