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We recently highlighted five trends from Gartner that we think service providers need to consider for their 2015 business plan. This post focuses on the third trend listed, ‘Cloud/Client Computing’, and its relevance for service providers looking to take better advantage of the opportunities the evolution of the cloud market presents.

As the line between cloud and mobile computing gets ever thinner, it is becoming increasingly vital that applications can be accessed on any device. As Gartner puts it:

“In the near term, the focus for cloud/client will be on synchronizing content and application state across multiple devices and addressing application portability across devices. Over time, applications will evolve to support simultaneous use of multiple devices.”

Not all devices however have the same tolerance for latency when accessing web-based applications. Smart phones, for example, have much lower battery life than, say, laptops, and will therefore consider a web application to be unavailable if the response time is longer than a few seconds. What may have been acceptable in the past regarding web latency is therefore no longer necessarily good enough.

This is where an effective multi-cloud lifecycle management solution becomes essential. It allows you to select the cloud provider for a given server based on location, as well as price and performance, meaning that you can ensure it resides in the same geography as the users it will be serving. It also means that you can select you cloud provider based on other critical factors that affect latency and performance. In addition to this you need a method of monitoring, across multiple cloud providers the quality of the user experience and have your cloud provisioning automatically respond when performance dips.

The multi-cloud platform should also provide DNS geo-localization functionality. By providing the same FQDN (fully qualified domain name) to multiple servers across multiple providers, content can be served to users from the location nearest to them.

All of the above goes towards minimizing latency and thereby optimizing the application for access across a range of mobile devices. For more information on our own multi-cloud lifecycle management solution, click here.


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