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Just how important is branding? People buy brands they love, they work with brands they love and they advocate for brands they love. Brands are so essential to the success of a company particularly in this day and age where we all are inundated with choice.

The Independent published the top 20 brands of 2014/15 this week. You can safely assume that Apple was on that list as was Aston Martin, Nike, Virgin and Rolex. There are another 15 and it is a pretty cool story as it is all done in pictures. For many, because these brands are popular you want to be a part of them. You look to Virgin for a flight not just because of the experience, but because of the acknowledgement that you too want to be part of its popularity.

My point is that for service providers, your brand is just as important. Consider the branding of the giants in the service provider world. Google, similar to Virgin, is hip, cool and innovative. Microsoft is reliable and enterprise worthy. AWS is easy and straightforward. Each company protects its brand, and has a strong one to present.

As service providers, you must create a brand people want to work with. And once you have done, you may want to expand through resellers. Often the resellers of your cloud services will want to carry their own brand and customize your products and services to meet the specific demands of their customers. This ability allows brand protection and control, for both you and your reseller, which is important.

How do you enable it? It shouldn’t just be marketing that protects the brand. Your tech team should want branding to be a feature of your cloud management platform so that resellers and customers can change branding and color schemes to match their own branding. However, rebranding is more than just adding a logo and you should offer your resellers much more advanced capabilities.

You need to be able to customize the user interface, accurately meter and bill resource usage across multiple currencies and languages, customize the experience of operational and customer teams and offer brand-able, context sensitive help. Resellers should also have the capability to provide context sensitive help within the user interface and for this to be fully whitelabeled including changing the languages, descriptions and terminology used based on their markets and verticals.

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