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It’s Friday, almost time for the weekend and a relaxing and fun read. In that spirit, we asked our team “What’s the worst advice you’ve heard relating to cloud computing for service providers or consumers of cloud.” Here’s a few of the answers…

1. Cloud is nothing more than automating the provisioning of IT infrastructure. Everything else remains the same. Same people, same buying patterns, same applications.

2. You can easily build a cloud platform with your existing toolset.

3. Applications will start performing better when you put them in the cloud.

4. Keep all your data on the hard disk of an Amazon EC2 ephemeral instance (hint: all your data goes when you reboot).

5. Add the word ‘cloud’ to the front of your product in order for it to become a cloud product without doing any further work.

6. Assume despite the fact you now have a cloud product, your customers will still buy and consume it in the same way.

7. Assume despite that fact that you don’t have a cloud product, that your customers will buy and consume it as if it were a cloud product.

8. Just handle scalability later.

9. Gain reliability by spending a lot of money on expensive hardware.

10. Concentrate only on the technology, don’t worry about a business model, the sales or marketing as everyone knows that cloud sells itself.

11. Forget about billing – we’ll retrofit it later

12. After a week or two working on your project, you will be an expert.

13. Cloud computing is going to die an instant death soon, due to people realizing they are not able to get their hands on their data instantly, or in the event of a failure, or that you cannot control where your data is stored.

14. I want to start my public cloud offering and I have decided to go with one compute node and 1TB of NFS storage.

15. If you use cloud, your IT costs will go down (hint: Jevons Paradox).

What’s the worst bit of advice on cloud computing you’ve heard? Tell us here!

If you’ve thought any of the above, you might want to rethink your cloud strategy. If you’ve heard your service provider say any of the above, you might want to rethink you cloud strategy!

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