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Earlier this month we published ‘A Guide: How to Build IaaS Your Customers Want’ to highlight Janakiram MSV GigaOm report, ‘Infrastructure-as-a-Service basics: a guide for IT pros’, in which he lists the top 10 factors for customers to consider when choosing an IaaS platform. Two of the requirements that cloud customers want – a mature API and partner ecosystems. Want to know how Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator stakes up against these criteria so service providers can understand the full breadth of our product?


Mature API

“One of the biggest benefits of the cloud is automation. Automation reduces the error rate and makes it productive for customers to perform repetitive tasks.”

Customers are increasingly realizing the benefits of cloud automation by means of APIs. APIs are therefore increasingly recognized as a key factor when public cloud customers are considering which IaaS service to select. The advantages they bring include:

  • Enabling customers to automate repetitive tasks to minimize the admin load as well as the risk of manual error
  • Integrating with existing on premise systems to automate workflows
  • Interfacing with new external systems to build advanced functionality

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is developed with an API first principle (SOAP as well as REST), making it an ideal platform for you to offer the above benefits to your IaaS customers. By using an API first cloud management solution, you’ll arm your customers to take full advantage of the flexibility and versatility that cloud has to offer.

Partner Ecosystem

Another tick is regarding a partner ecosystem. GigaOm said:

“A rich partner ecosystem is a sign that the industry has confidence in the vendor and wants to make them successful.”

Flexiant’s partner ecosystem enables us to support any hypervisor, as well as the likes of Chef, Parallels Automation, HostBill, WHMCS, UShareSoft and many others (see our ecosystem of partners for a full listing).

By basing your IaaS services on Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator you can leverage our diverse network of partnerships to broaden the versatility and interoperability of the services you sell.

Want to find out how Flexiant stacks up against the other eight factors for customers to consider when choosing an IaaS platform? Download the top 10 vs. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator.

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