Whitepaper Wednesday

As the public cloud market continues to mature, and the number of service providers offering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) grows, customers are faced with more choice than ever before. As a result, service providers’ customers are increasingly savvy about what to look for when selecting an IaaS provider. Having a clear view of what criteria your potential cloud customers are basing their decisions on, and choosing a cloud orchestration and management platform that is designed to satisfy these criteria, is essential if you are to succeed in this space.

Janakiram MSV recently published a GigaOm report, ‘Infrastructure-as-a-Service basics: a guide for IT pros’, in which he lists the top 10 factors for customers to consider when choosing an IaaS platform. We don’t normally do this, but we wanted to measure Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator against these criteria so service providers can understand the full breadth of our product.

Find out how Flexiant stacks up by reading the top 10 vs. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator.

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