The key to any successful business is making it simple for the user to consume your product. This is no different when selling cars or offering cloud services. Car manufacturers and dealers need to offer a range of options – hybrid, petrol or diesel, saloon or hatchback, family friendly or powerful sports cars – from which their customers can pick, without having to go into lots of detail.

Cars and Cloud ServersThe same holds true for cloud services, and this is where server images become important. By giving your customers a range of server images to choose from you can simplify their user experience and make it easy for them to consume your cloud services. For example, rather than your customers creating a Web server from scratch, they can select from a list of predefined server images, with everything from the operating system up through the software stack already in place. They can then quickly build a Web server from that image.

That being said, the reality of managing a comprehensive selection of these images can be a complex business. Flexiant has partnered with UShareSoft to make this process as painless as possible. UShareSoft’s UForge tool provides a simple GUI through which you can create and maintain server images and at the click of a button this image can then be deployed onto your Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator infrastructure – that’s all there is to it.

UForge is also a powerful tool for effortlessly migrating server images, whether from another cloud or from an on-premise virtualized environment. The traditional method of copying the original server image, converting it to the appropriate hypervisor and then provisioning the server in the new cloud environment from that image entails potential compatibility issues such as image format and driver compatibility. It can also be a time-consuming process.

UForge gets round these issues by scanning the original server and generating a new server image with all configurations already in place. Again, this functionality is accessed via the intuitive UForge GUI, and a click of a button makes the migrated server image available in Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, ready to provision a new cloud server.

By automating these processes for server image management and server migration through UForge integrated with Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, you can greatly reduce administrative effort and complexity, as well as mitigate the risk of manual error.

Most importantly, you increase the consumption of your services by your customers. If they can easily meet their server requirements by making a few simple choices, your chances of maintaining and developing that customer relationship will only be increased, helping you grow revenues and enhance customer satisfaction at the same time.

Read the Flexiant and UShareSoft Solutions brief here.

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