Many service providers and hosting companies are experiencing the challenge of keeping their cost per virtual server as competitive as possible while at the same time being able to maintain quality and availability of service. In an industry first, Flexiant and Parallels have today announced the general availability of our unique solution, which enables them to do just that.

Parallels LogoService providers wanting to take advantage of containers (instances of operating system virtualization) can use Parallels Cloud Server with Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to achieve two to three times the density of hypervisor virtualization by moving to an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) delivery model.

This enables service providers to offer several times as many virtual servers on the same node than traditional hypervisor-based virtualization, offering a far lower cost per virtual server.

Since the containers on which these are based are also burstable, i.e. they can make use of any unutilized capacity on their host node, our solution helps to improve efficiency, increase utilization of key assets and ultimately increase profitability. All of this is achieved with best of breed IaaS orchestration and management.

With the Flexiant and Parallels integrated solution, service providers and hosting companies can launch IaaS in days and capture a share of the rapidly growing cloud market. No other cloud orchestration and management provider has integrated with operating system virtualization, making this a truly unique opportunity within the industry.

John Zanni, CMO, Parallels, “Working with Flexiant is an industry first for us. Our customers want to benefit from the efficiency Parallels Cloud Server operating system virtualization offers, but they also want an IaaS orchestration that supports other virtualization technologies, if their customers require it. The Parallels partnership with Flexiant creates a unique opportunity for our customers who want to quickly launch an IaaS platform.”

Adding container based virtualization to your IaaS portfolio can:

  • Give you a highly available, efficient and more profitable alternative to hypervisor virtualization
  • Help differentiate you from your competitors
  • Provide a valuable alternative for your customers

Both Parallels and Flexiant understand the needs of the service provider resulting from years of experience in the industry, and are committed to creating innovative solutions that can help them differentiate, get to market quickly and win the growing battle for the cloud market.

For more information on our joint solution with Parallels, read our PCS solution brief or go to

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