Does launching or differentiating your cloud services feel like a mission to Mars? Over the years, we’ve seen this be the case for many service providers. Customers want to build a cloud platform – they may jump in with both feet or take it in small steps, one at a time to avoid it becoming a mission to Mars. But, the change can easily balloon out of control. It can easily scare people for reasons that just are not real.

Cloud Services- A Mission to mars?

The challenge is that speed to market is important. As Michael Cote put it in a recent webinar:

…developers and agile shops are moving faster if operating in a more iterative fashion where every week or month they have a new release of a product. They are getting things to market at a much faster and more frequent rate and that same exact mechanism should bubble up to the cloud providers. Not only will cloud providers be able to learn from the market and discover what people actually want and the sort of dirty truth of the footnote there is not very many of us know exactly how the cloud market is going to shake out in three or five years. Many service providers are trying to create the baseline of functionality needed and learn from the market and even the end users don’t often know what they want no one. So in that case, it is better to be more iterative if you will. 

However, part of being fast and quick to market is realizing that you don’t really need to be on a mission to Mars, you can do a little bit, watch to see if it works, then a bit more and a bit more, making sure your cloud offer matches the features and infrastructure your customers want.

It is entirely possible to get to market with a new cloud offering, in as little as 24 hours (we’ve done it for our customers), but it is also important to have the capability to extend this offer.  You can get to market, just like walking next door, quickly and easily, and then work on your cloud services offer from there. Instead of boiling the ocean, or attempting a space mission, this is a smart approach. Remember though, it is essential to select tools that will help you extend your cloud services.

We asked 451 Research, the CEO of ThinkGrid and Director at Colt Ceano, part of Colt Technology Services and Founder of Flexiant about what the cloud service provider needs to succeed and this Mission to Mars theme was one of the main focuses of the discussion. Visit our Mission to Mars webpage where we offer you the questions and answers from this session. You’ll find insight into why speed to market is important, how to differentiate and hear some lessons learned from one service provider.

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Image provided by: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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