Service Providers can no longer rely on the traditional growth that they have previously seen based solely on the strength of their offerings. Ever increasing competition has made it imperative to stand out from the competition and engage in a comprehensive marketing strategy. 

Hosting Con With Flexiant

Jim Foley, SVP of Market Development at Flexiant and Sara Pfitzinger at 3Q Digital will present Discover Programmatic Buying and Other Marketing Techniques Hosting Companies Need to Exploit at HostingCon 2014 in Florida on Tuesday June 17, 2014.

Pfitzinger will break down real time buying explaining how this popular process can help increase your business. However, effective marketing in the digital age requires more than this. Foley will not only show where most hosting companies are failing he will also provide actionable insights on how other technology vendors are increasing their market value and influence as well as fueling and defending revenue growth.

Attending HostingCon? Arrange a meeting with Flexiant here.


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