New Flexiant PodcastThis is the decade of the service provider. You have the opportunity to differentiate, gain competitiveness and grow in size, but we all face challenges. To help you on your journey to the cloud, we have launched our series of podcasts to offer advice for service providers looking to succeed on the cloud battleground.

Here you will find two of our newest podcasts to help you win the cloud war:

1.      New! Marketing Innovations Every Service Provider Should Know

Service Providers can no longer rely on the traditional growth that they have previously seen based solely on the strength of their offerings. Ever increasing competition has made it imperative to stand out from the competition and engage in a comprehensive marketing strategy. This podcast will look at innovations and methodologies that Service Providers can use to build a loyal customer base.

Presented by Jim Foley and Joe Sherman, Flexiant

2.     Why a tight knit ecosystem is critical for service providers to achieve revenue growth.

Service providers are too used to selling raw infrastructure without adding distinct value to their end users through differentiation. Whether they are selling to enterprises or SMEs they need to be able to add value through the services that they offer. The simplest way to do that is to work with a variety of companies who can add distinct value over and above infrastructure using an ecosystem who have world class products and capabilities but not necessarily the routes to market and customer base that the service providers have already established.

Presented by Tony Lucas, Founder, Flexiant

If you found these podcasts helpful, stay tuned for more in our series.

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