The S-CASE project kicked off in Thessaloniki late last year with Flexiant providing cloud expertise and the infrastructure to underpin the project itself. 

S-Case Logo

At its heart, S-CASE can be seen as a ‘search engine for developers’ to help save time with the goal of saving money – it is as simple as that.

In more detail though, the team plans to create a software prototype that significantly reduces development time by creating a rapid prototyping realm aimed at automating solutions for the extraction of system specifications and low-level architecture. This ‘S-CASE Realm’ plans to automate solutions for the discovery and synthesis of composite workflows of software artefacts from distributed open source and proprietary resources that fulfil the inserted system requirements in the best possible way.

The S-CASE project is expected to majorly reduce the time that is required between the conceptualization of a software system and its first prototype, thus improving the cost of development. We’re already looking to find the most appropriate software artifacts to ensure a comprehensive marketplace and together with the S-CASE innovations, make a real impact on European developers

Tabassum Sharif, Director of Operations at Flexiant, was in Thessaloniki for the project kick-off. He explained:

S-CASE innovation is to automatically transform requirements provided by the user into reusable software artefacts, which will in turn be composed into fully functional cloud services. Put simply, it allows the flow from development right through to deployment, via the cloud, to be as straightforward as possible. The team is already hard at work together to make S-CASE really deliver and I’m looking forward to our first plenary meeting in Croatia next month.”

For more information on the S-CASE project take a look at the website, or find them on Facebook. You can also keep up to date with all the projects milestones and updates by joining the S-CASE LinkedIn group, not to mention keeping in contact with all the project partners.

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