Firstly let me start this blog with a health warning. It is mostly about Flexiant. I am aware of some of the announcements Flexiant will be making this quarter and I thought that I would take a moment to share my personal reflection on one aspect of the industry and the progress that Flexiant has made in the last 24 months.

Pixelated Cloud

Our software orchestrates the cloud. Two years ago, we made the decision to tell the world, much louder than we already had, exactly how it works, the benefits of the software and then show how our customers are benefiting from it. The plan worked, we are leading in the cloud orchestration software market because our product really does what it says on the tin.

Now in 2014, we see some of the largest tech vendors partnering to deliver some type of cloud orchestration. But for some of these vendors, do they have an actual solution or are they just jumping on the bandwagon?

Why do I ask this question? Well for starters, once the industry and specifically analysts finally recognize your technology – see Gartner Cool Vendor in Cloud Management – people take note. Then, you have increasing news about companies that are using cloud orchestration and management solutions to solve their technical problems. So as a vendor, you of course look at your technology stack and see what you can offer. The problem here is that this technology can sometimes be cobbled together, and not fit for purpose. It might help solve your technical problems, but what about your business problems? Mostly, other orchestration solutions are not built with a service provider focus, unlike Flexiant.

As many of you will know, we are dedicated to the service provider market only. Why? Our company was first a service provider and because we were unable to solve some really big technical and business problems, we created Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. We believe, and have told the industry, that now truly is the time for service providers to invest in cloud orchestration. But most importantly, the solution shouldn’t just solve technical problems, but actually open the path to new lines of revenue.

In the end, we do really orchestrate (or manage – whatever you prefer) the cloud. But we also create opportunities for the service provider to expand their business, whether through resellers, new vertical markets, new geographies and more. And we have the evidence to prove it. If you are looking to solve technical and business problems for your cloud, you should look to a solution that was built for you, not from a vendor jumping on the bandwagon.

See what some of our customers say about us:

President of FailProof Technology, Akaid Diaz said, “Starting to build a cloud with a blank sheet of paper meant we were able to select only the best software and hardware on the market. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator was the first selection we made because they understood our needs to deliver a channel model cloud solution for our partners. As we continued to select the products and storage for FailProof-Cloud, Flexiant’s support team was able to offer advice and support having deep knowledge of the service provider market. Flexiant offered us the reseller capabilities we required to serve the MSP and VAR channel market. Not only that, but they gave us the billing flexibility to actually monetize our IaaS platform and bill accordingly. With no upfront capital, no complexity of infrastructure deployment and with an easy to use graphical interface, our MSPs and VARs partners can easily use our IaaS platform, powered by Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, to deploy resources when they need it.”

Neil Gardner, Proposition Manager, ALVEA Services said, “Choosing the right cloud management software was business critical and of significant strategic importance for ALVEA Services. We invested substantial time, energy and effort in looking at the various players in the market. No other company was able to demonstrate the proven heritage and capability that is essential for ALVEA Services. Furthermore, no other company had Flexiant’s extensive “out of the box” capability to build out our reseller offering, which is clearly central to our go-to-market strategy.”






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