Today we announced our involvement in the multi-national FP7 MOVESMART project to provide the cloud infrastructure and orchestration platform for the research consortium.


MOVESMART aims to provide route mapping and flexible personal mobility services using a set of crowd-sourcing tools for collecting real-time information by multimodal travelers. At the core of MOVESMART is a hierarchical urban-traffic infrastructure that is hosted and maintained by cloud architecture. The project will enhance transport integration by working with electric car manufacturers, service providers and public authorities to create workable examples of the technology in two major cities with different profiles in terms of size and complexity of their transport network. Using real-time personalized mobility services based on crowd-sourced information from travelers, MOVESMART will gather anonymous data using either mobile data or via simple portable devices.

The cloud perfectly exists for projects like MOVESMART. With consortium members across Europe collaborating on a vast amount data, it allows us to deliver the on-demand resource necessary to scale to meet our needs. But using the cloud requires sophisticated management which is why Flexiant was selected.

MOVESMART will utilize Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to manage the cloud infrastructure and data captured and communicated to and from mobile devices. This will enable traditional cloud computing resources such as networking and storage to conveniently requisition, on demand, mobile computing resources as part of a mobile ecosystem while handling increasing levels of data.

Read more about our involvement in the MOVESMART project as well as the other research projects we are involved in as part of the FP7 project.

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