Earlier this week we released Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V4. Here’s what people have been saying:

Michael Cote and William Fellows at 451 Group said in the report ‘Flexiant updates its service-provider cloud platform, adding service customization hooks’:

Flexiant Guide to V4

  • When it comes to arming service providers, Flexiant does the whole enchilada, with hefty sides and plenty of chips and queso.
  • Flexiant’s platform should be mature and its customer base, such as Colt, is strong evidence that it works. The attention to service providers’ back-office needs is rare among cloud platform builders, which tend to focus on just core infrastructure components, often targeted at enterprises. 
  • Market demand for cloud platforms is clearly high and there are few credible options that aren’t distracted by enterprise requirements. Flexiant has credibility in this space and several years behind it already. 
  • On paper, this portfolio makes Flexiant look attractive to service providers that would like that magic unicorn of cloud: quickly standing up a differentiated portfolio of cloud offerings for as little money as possible… that actually works. 

We’d be happy to show you how what we say is actually what we do. You can watch a demo or get in touch with us here.

Paul Miller of Cloud of Data said in his write up:

  • [Flexiant] might be justified in using the dreaded ‘O’ word. And, if third parties engage, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator version 4 is headed in the right direction to become a platform or foundation upon which others build. A growing system of connectors and plug-ins are designed to bind Flexiant ever-more tightly to a range of third party capabilities, some of which David Meyer explores in his post for Gigaom.

Alessandro Perilli at Gartner tweeted:

Very interesting briefing with @flexiant team. I liked the non-bombastic tone, upcoming features, and vision to leverage market opportunity.

With all this third party comments in mind, we’ve created a guide to V4 so you can see firsthand how Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator can help you build cloud services that your customers will love. Flexiant is leading industry innovation again by:

  • Opening the platform to third parties
  • Arming the service provider to compete
  • Making OpenStack ‘service provider ready’

Read our guide to v4, and learn more about the capabilities and innovations we have built.

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